Best Exercise To Lose Weight

Exercise has always had a negative impact on the minds of many people who are overweight. I want to look at the best exercise to lose weight in a different way. Mainly from my experience when you are heavier. It is much harder to move and movement in general tends to be more of a workout all on its own. If you are on a diet the energy levels you may experience could be much lower due to less available sugars your body normally would access for labor. This will leave stored fat and muscle to burn as your bodies energy source. These are the best exercises to lose weight by that I found helpful during my diet time to keep burning the fat while trying to preserve muscle.

Pre Exercise

You may be temped to reach for a pre-workout supplement like a high octane energy booster. This might be OK with your body and only you will be able to tell after you try it, but for me this did not work so well as while on a diet I would get the jitters if I included this. Instead, I would reach for a large glass of water in the morning before you start a low impact cardio exercise.

Walk It Off

Walking promotes your body to start processing and burning fat. Starting the day with a walk or maybe some morning gardening can get you going on the right path. Walking is still the best way to keep your body in motion and losing pounds.

There are many more reasons to get that morning walk in and how beneficial it really is to your health over all.

Multi-task The Morning Routine

I found that if I did not have time to complete a walk around the park or the block and needed to get some movement in, I would multitask this morning movements.

Getting ready in the morning can really be a great place to get in some cardio. 10 toe touches before you get dressed or while you put on your shoes or arm circles before you reach for your favorite jacket. Whether you are in the shower or brushing your teeth try to put some of these into the routine to stay on track and on time!

Get in some leg lifts, squats, wall presses and lunges! This is one of the easiest ways I have found to incorporate exercise in the morning.

Some of my favorite exercise examples: They can be done with or without weights or resistance bands.

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During the Day

Most of us do not get the opportunity to exercise during the day with our busy schedules. This is the hardest time I have found to make this time. So during the day stand up and get some simple steps and movement in. Walk around the building during break, get some stand in place marching in your cubicle. Do some leg lifts while sitting in your office chair and arm circles. Stand up and sit down repeatedly 20 times. Whatever you might be comfortable with. I know if you are very overweight this is not something I wanted to do as it drew attention to myself and that was the last thing I wanted. If you do not want to draw attention to yourself you may want to opt for increasing the morning and after work moving activities.

Evening Bedtime Exercise

When it came to calling it quits for the day, I complete one more round of “get my muscles burning” for the night. Get some dancing in the kitchen to your favorite songs in (even if dancing is just bouncing or moving your feet) this does count and the more movement you can get the better. I like to make over exaggerated dance moves that are silly and make my family laugh. It definitely makes a party out of cooking especially if you get someone else to join in the fun.

Going out to eat for dinner? No problem, park further away from the door and get some squats in as you get out of your car. Be mindful of your meal because you are not done for the night yet, with one more round to go as you get in bed.

Cleaning up the house is also one of the best workouts, just vacuuming or sweeping alone is a great activity on its own. If you exaggerate the motions and add a little foot step in with it you have your own aerobics class!

This bed routine is so helpful to shedding fat that I can not say it enough and probably have posted about it too much. Here it is again: Before I went to sleep for the night I would lay in bed and complete 20 leg lifts each side and at least 15 crunches to start. I would increase the number of reps as I progressively became stronger and lighter. The crunches really were a large boost to taking those inches off my waistline and, if you can stand doing them, please do them correctly. What you are looking to achieve is the muscles in your abdomen to tighten and then to hold them in this flexed position for a minute or so before you release and repeat the process. I would recommend not put your hands behind the neck or head to complete the reps.

The More You Move the Better You Feel

It may start slowly and you may want to quit! Do Not Quit! You can do this!!!!! Getting some activity in your day even if it is in the stolen moments from the car to your destination or multi-tasking your chores or routines it is about finding where you can fit it in to your routine. I see many people sign up for programs that they do not use because the added time burden just does not work for their lifestyle in the long run. If you are not able to get into a gym, it doesn’t have to be a road block when you try these tips to easily get some activity! If you only do one though I would recommend the nighttime crunch and lift routine. Don’f forget to have fun!! Wishing you Joy and Happines

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