Strength Training Workout Plans

Woman on Mountain Jumping

This is a look at some starting points for strength training workout plans that have shown results with a variety of fitness levels. I enjoy strength training for increased daily energy. Consistent training can also result in the stamina needed for running, hiking, biking and other activities that require a good amount of muscle to … Read more Strength Training Workout Plans

Foods High In Protein List – Keep Your Muscle

Tips to keep your muscles while you diet. The pounds you are looking to shed while dieting and getting healthy shouldn’t  be sucked out of your muscles, right?! Below is a quick foods high in protein list to utilize for your reference and some other handy ways to get your daily dose. Keep that muscle! … Read more Foods High In Protein List – Keep Your Muscle

Elliptical Exercise Machine – Mega Metabolism

I have mentioned in my weight loss story about using the elliptical exercise machine and will elaborate on how this helped me increase my metabolism. You can definitely use the elliptical machine during your dieting phases of weight loss getting your metabolism moving in the right direction. This is my advise on how to get … Read more Elliptical Exercise Machine – Mega Metabolism