Elliptical Exercise Machine – Mega Metabolism

I have mentioned in my weight loss story about using the elliptical exercise machine and will elaborate on how this helped me increase my metabolism. You can definitely use the elliptical machine during your dieting phases of weight loss getting your metabolism moving in the right direction. This is my advise on how to get started. I would also recommend checking out the supplements that help this process as well. Set your metabolism on fire!

Fine Tuning Your Start

When starting out to use an elliptical, I would recommend taking it slowly. Not only are your muscles getting used to moving in a different way they are training your brain on what they need to complete these new tasks. Please be patient with them and give them time. Like tuning an instrument you get different sounds from tension and stretching.

I know many friends that want to go full force out of the gate, as hard and as long as they can. Unfortunately this can actually have a negative impact by making you hungry and then trying to recuperate after the strain put on your muscles. Just like a guitar string that is tightened too quickly and too far may break. This might also lead to injury as putting your body through a high stress workout when building up to it may be a shock. I started with 5 to 10 mins and built up very slowly to the recommended 30-min sessions. I did also notice when I first started using my elliptical that learning to balance on it was also new and needed to give my body time to adapt to the balance of the machine as well. If you are able to use the same elliptical machine (as one you may purchase in your home) it may work the best as there is a wide variety in strides of the different makes and models on the market.

Preset Programs

Most elliptical machines come with preset workouts. I did not use these for at least 2 months and if you are on a quick short term weight loss diet, I do not recommend the high intensity programs until you have migrated to a permanent eating habit for life. The main reason for this idea is a restrictive short term diet may not give your body the energy levels required for the heavier training settings. The goal with the lower resistance type of exercise is for the aerobic benefits that help boost your metabolism. This is achieved at the lower intensity sessions that are for sugar, carb and fat burning. The elliptical machine I have allows you to use it without a program if you want and this is helpful when you do not need any added pressure. If you want more of an impact on your metabolic rate add a session in the afternoon as well. A good aerobic indicator is when you are able to still sing to your favorite song without losing your breath. If you are breathing too heavily then your heart and lungs may be working too hard and this might work against your metabolic goals. Just enjoy a good little stride on the machine and plug in some headphones. I would use this as a stress reliever as well, it works wonders just to move with the music!

Preset Programs

I found the preset programs very helpful later in my weight loss journey when I hit a platue or in other words, where it became harder to lose weight during my last 40 lbs or so. There were many times when I could not get outside for a walk, hike or gardening and turned to my friend the elliptical for support. When I had extra work and not enough time to complete everything I needed to in a day, this was how I was able to stay on track with my goals. I started by using the lower intensity programs in longer intervals. Then moved on to adding a session and then eventually moved my way up to the more intermediate training programs that took much less time. With these changes to my activities, it helped get past these stagnate phases and move on.

These preset programs also helped with my long term goals when I started strength training getting in shape. I was able to complete increasing more difficult workouts that increased my energy levels as well as stamina. I could play with my daughter more and do more outdoor activities. The best part is the change to my metabolism that increased as I kept up my fitness goals. I did not have to be as restrictive in the kitchen when I was able to forecast a good aerobic session for the day. The trick with this is not to overdo it, getting in some exercise dosn’t mean you can eat spaghetti every night after all I was not training for a marathon. I did find that scoop of ice cream once in a while did get burned a lot quicker and didn’t show on my rear end as it had done in the past.

Great Fit for YOU

Finding the right fit for your may take a bit of measuring and research but if you are looking to purchase a machine you may want to start by measuring your normal stride in inches. When you are looking at the information on a machine that you are interested in, you then know what stride will fit comfortably. Also, look at your reach, if the handles move to far out for you to reach them this will be a problem. Better yet, you can find machines on the market that have adjustable strides. Take a look at the different resistance settings they offer. New machines have so many features that make it easier to find the right one.

The Bigger Prize

I really love the exercise options and how the elliptical machine can grow with you as your goals change, so you can reach for the bigger prize. It can support the most intense workouts as well. The full range of aerobic exercises you are able to accomplish is so helpful to creating the mega metabolism that is more forgiving of the occasional piece of chocolate cake. I don’t think the elliptical will ever take the place of a good hike or walk in the park but as a support for when these options are not available to you they are in my opinion a perfect exercise support companion to keep you on track to the goals you are wanting to accomplish. The health benefits of aerobic exercise at 30 minutes are amazing.

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