Food, Health & You – On Sale!! $129 Full Plan!

I want to update everyone on the newest promotion that Food, Health & You has going! This is 50% off the retail price for a limited time!

Food, Health, & You  Check it out!

Check out my review here and learn more about this plan for a healthy diet!

My original review had the sale price that was offered at that time of $199 Now it is on sale for 50% off for what looks like 2 days according to the counter on the sale site. This takes it down to only $129.95 for the Full Plan!

Click this link to check out my original review:

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss


If you were on the fence about buying this plan before this is the time to take advantage of the promotion being offered! You can’t beat it.

This full guide explains food in a way to understand the meaning of healthy eating and how it directly relates to your health. Put the good stuff in your body and find out more to help support your body will full instruction videos, PDF and hard copy books to help you no matter where you at!

Need a complete guide to your ideal body weight?

This complete system doesn’t stop at guiding you through how to reach your goals for diet, weight, nutrition, health – including how to eat for the fight and prevention of Cancer, Diabetes, arthritis and auto immune disorders.

Eating right has personally helped me with joint pain and inflammation that otherwise gets out of control when I am not putting the supporting nutrition in my body. The food we fuel out bodies with makes every difference to how we feel and move every day!

This guide helps keep you on track and is a huge educational tool when you want to know more about the foods you want to include to help with weight loss and overall health.

They have 4 additional bonus modules as well.

Take a look at all the testimonial posts on the page where people from Doctors to the type 2 diabetic that has posted how the program has helped them get results.

60 Day money back guarantee


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