Woman drinking from purple sports bottle

Keto Supplements Reviews – Do They Help?

Keto Supplements Reviews – Do They Help?

Woman drinking from purple sports bottle
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Take a second look at the Keto Supplements Reviews claiming they help reduce fat and aid weight loss. I am not a believer in supplementing Ketones other than for a boost of energy! I see many reviews that attribute fat loss and weight loss to their product but I remain unconvinced; though some studies are indicating differently. According to the brand below they have data from blind studies that back up claims of increased weight loss resulting from the addition of their product to a reduced calorie diet.

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  • The Best Use For Ketones
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Is It Logical?

I have taken raspberry ketones in the past for energy and they did seem to give a little boost, however I have noticed a lot of claims about getting into ketosis and helping your body lose weight by supplementing with ketones. I have to say the idea of it overall doesn’t make sense to me logically.

So, lets understand that ketones are a byproduct of fat burning when your body runs out of other forms of energy. Then our body actually resorts to burning our stored fat to create ketones for energy.

The byproduct created by this fat incineration (ketones) is what we are going to use as energy to move and keep living. Well, if we are going to supplement the body with ketone energy, it would not need to produce it any longer. Wouldn’t this stop the body from preforming the one thing we are looking to do and burn the stored fat we are trying to lose to create this energy?

Well, maybe I am wrong but to my logic it doesn’t make sense.

The Best Use for Ketones

For energy they are a good addition to a low carb diet when you are looking for an extra boost to get some exercise into your weight loss plan. By boosting your energy you have a little more to burn, but again if you want to burn your own fat, giving your body other fuel to use instead would not in itself accomplish this. This is a good alternative for the strength and endurance needed to exercise; so for this use is much better for weight loss compared to eating the first form of energy, carbs and sugar.

Exogenous Ketones for Health

While exogenous Ketones my not be ketogenic and may inhibit endogenous ketone production, they do have some health benefits and are showing promise as a possible treatment for brain injury, cancer, Angelman Syndrome, reducing inflammation and Alzheimer’s Disease. They also have a positive effect on anxiety as well as memory and mental function. It also can reduce lactate production and so would be very helpful to work out fans in keeping your joints healthy.

Ketones Are Energy

Taking ketones as a supplement will slow down fat burning until your body has used the extra energy you have put into it. If you are needing the extra boost for a workout or other reasons it can be a good idea for the occasion but I would not make this a regular supplementation if you are looking to use it to increase your ketosis levels thinking they will increase the effect of your diet.


The keto diet is designed to get your body to burn it’s own fat and that is ultimately the goal of losing weight. If you are worried about your ketone levels they have testing strips designed to see what your levels are. Also if you are looking to test your ketone levels and on a keto diet if you are supplementing you may want to rethink those results. The test is going to show you what ketones you are putting in as well as the ones you might be creating. If you are looking to boost those numbers for fat burning I would think twice. For an accurate test skip the supplement so you have a good idea of what your body is doing otherwise.

Keto Flu Help

Help with the Keto “hangover” feeling. I can say these would more than likely help with the flu like symptoms associated with the keto diet since you are essentially turning your body over to burning this alternate energy source ultimately. I would still keep in mind if you are giving your body a source of energy other than your fat you are looking for it to burn.

My Opinion

This is my opinion after review of the ketone supplements that are on the market and you know what they say about opinions (everyone has one). I have just seen so many extraordinary claims that I just wanted to bring a bit of perspective into the large amount of Keto hype.

I am not a hard core keto fan but do know that cutting carbs from your diet works as this is how I lost over 100 lbs myself and still cut them out if my scale is going the wrong direction. I am not into high fats for health but good fats like avocado, coconut and olive oil are great. I do still cook with butter but much less since eating a lot of animal fat as is part of a keto diet is not appealing to my want to keep my blood pumping not clumping for the most part anyway. I think I have enough animal fat in my diet without upping the intake any! I have kept my weight off for more than a decade and know the importance of a good diet and exercise to stay healthy and at a good weight. I don’t always stay at my goal weight but very close and that is something I am proud of.

Silohette of person in front of sunset jumping for joy

I like the ketone supplements for energy but don’t buy into the fat loss side. If you have more energy your body is able to do more and this in turn will lead to more fat burned. However, if you did this same amount of activity without supplementing wouldn’t you lose even more?  Just keep these ideas in mind when you supplement it should be for energy knowing these may not help lose weight or fat other than what the extra energy can allow you to accomplish.

With that being said, after reviewing the Ketone supplement scene, the company Real Ketones have supplement products and look to have a scientifically backed market. They have published the study summaries on the website so you can take a look at the data behind the claims and this is more than most I have seen. 

Check out my review and follow the more information button to learn more on these studies.

If you want to let me know your experiences with this or any other ketone supplements please let me know in the comments below!

Wishing you the best of joy and happiness!

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  1. Well, I learned something new by reading your article. 🙂 Not too long ago I didn’t even know what ketosis is, but I certainly wouldn’t expect there are supplements consisting of ketones.
    Thanks. And also thanks for putting out the pros and cons so clearly.

    • Thank you for reading my article Hannie! I am glad you liked it! I am working on a follow up article with some supplements that actually are ketogenic in nature and will be posting that today or tomorrow. Wishing you the best of Joy and Happiness!


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