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Quickest Way – Get Into Ketosis

A follow up to the article: Keto Supplements Reviews Do They Help? This follow up is about the quickest way Get Into Ketosis and not drag it out, feeling worse and worse while your body makes this large transition. Lets see if we can find the quickest way! Get into ketosis quickly so you can get stable to burn fat longer.

Stuck in the Ketosis Waiting Room

Sometimes the quickest train is the most economical. In this case your waiting will be short lived if you want to follow some quick advise on taking a couple of supplements that have been proven to be Ketogenic in nature and can by this way support the ketosis process within your body. These supplements are able to help the body get to burning its own fat for fuel instead of other energy sources. Since you are extremely limiting sugar and carb intake, your body should be searching for other fuel sources or what it need to do to create the energy you need to keep your brain alive and active. Well, it will eventually find your fat to burn but you do have to give it some time. If you feel you are stuck in terminal waiting on the keto train, check out these tips to see if they help you with your journey!

Apple Cider Vinager

Ok this stuff is good for everything right? Well it is a very versatile all purpose compound that happens to be delish! I really love this in a homemade salad dressings, for marinades and my favorite Asian dishes. You can clean, cook, pickle, gargle and create science projects for entertaining the kiddos! Wow, who knew this stuff would be such an all around winner.

Ok, getting back to why this will help with the ketosis is simple. ACV contains Acetic Acid, this two carbon Short Chain Fatty Acid (SCFA) has been shown to be responsible for acetone (ketone body) found in the excretion of study case subjects. This indicates their bodies have converted fat into energy thus creating ketone bodies for fuel. They pass through the subject and were then found on the other side so to say.

Butter and Fiber

Asparagus on white plate with butter sauce
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Well, there you go, you can eat butter and is shown to be one of the most significant dietary sources of our next highly effective component to help ketosis. If eating butter is out of the question for you, good thing our bodies produce this SCFA naturally by digesting fiber! So, get out your high fiber list and check out what works. I will put some below for your reference as well, since we want to get this done quickly!

Butyric Acid is a four carbon SCFA that is produced when we eat fiber and intestinal fermentation occurs in the colon via our good bacteria. This Butyric acid will then be sent to the liver where it will be converted to ketone bodies. This short chain fatty acid is a potent regulator of energy metabolism and immune function so it has a pretty profound effect on the body and brain. Multiple medical studies are being carried out on butyrate producing bacteria in the gut testing the impact on the brain and central nervous system.

Get the fiber and be sure your gut microbiome is in balance. Prebiotics and probiotics are important to make sure you are able to convert the nutrients you consume for absorption. You can also check out fiber and prebiotics on the market.

More information on my favorite supplement market here. 

The fiber that is best fermentable and has a higher rate of Butyrate production when compared to other types of fiber are resistant starches. Oat bran, guar and pectin.

List of prebiotic veggies also produce Butyrate when digested are Asparagus, Artichoke, Broccoli, Cabbage, Onion, Garlic, Leek, Beets, Chicory and Dandelion leaves. Of course all of these veggies are also my favorites and I cook with them often.

L- Amino Acids

The two amino acids that are Ketogenic are Leucine and Lysine, the two “L” amino acids. I really like a good supplement with a mix of branch chain amino acids but for this purpose we can focus on the ones to get results. The quickest and easiest way I have found to get these is in my food. If you want to get with a supplement that will work but you will need to look at the absorption to see if it is worth it.

Foods you want to include that are rich in these “L” Amino Acids are Beef, Fish (Salmon), Shellfish (Clams), Dairy and Legumes.Start cooking up these great helpful ingredients to make the goal line quicker and easier.

Fasting Keto

A fasting keto introduction is helpful if you are looking to get your body into ketosis quicker when compared to a more gradual plan. Take a look at the diet plan you are going to follow and check to see if it is a slower introduction style or a fast one. There are differences you will need to be aware of and if you are on a plan that is not meeting your goals then you may need to make a change.

My Advice for Quick Start – Walk It Off

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When starting out you may want to walk off the carbs and sugars you currently have in your system and use them up. This may help with the induction of ketosis due to the body not having any sugar to burn. If you start in the morning after a full night sleep, you can walk in the morning and you should go into ketosis pretty quickly.

I would then start the day with a little ACV tincture including a little Turmeric/pepper in it and get a good plate off eggs cooked in butter and maybe some bacon and avocado on the side. A nice plate of steak and eggs is always good to! Sounds like a good start to a great fat burning plan to me!

As always please seek the advice of your doctor before starting any program or diet. It is important they know what you are planning especially if you have any sort of health condition. In some cases the Ketogenic diet is not a good choice and could lead to serious illness.

Please leave your comments and let me know your experience or if you have any questions!

Wishing you the best of joy and happiness!!

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