Tips to Lose Weight Quickly – No Gym No Problem

Below are my experiences using key tips to lose weight quickly and  incorporate new eating habits into my daily life. I hope these help in your search for what works for YOU.  Pick some tips that sound doable and get a habit started to make them a part of your life. Start with two or three and add more as your comfort, stamina and energy levels improve!

The following are some of the different techniques I had used to lose the bulk of my weight (over 100 lbs)!

Eating – Plan Your Day

One of the mistakes I would make about eating when I was heavier was not planning my day. I am not talking about a meal planner or prepping even though these types of schedules work if you can stick to them. That is the hardest part is sticking to them I found. I did try to prep meals but found throughout the next week I would not stick to these meals. My experience with this type of upfront planning did not work for me and was hard to sustain. If you can keep up on meal prepping and are able to stick to your plan, I commend you and may make this process easier.

Forecast – Sunny and Warm

Lynne Pelzek

Planning the day for me changes so often with life priorities, children and family it looks more like a weather forecast. If the weather is nice I know my children will want to be outside more and lead to more activity that day. The more activity I forecast the more likely I will burn more calories. I take these forecasts into consideration as I plan for my eating that day. If I just open the cupboards and start eating whatever pops up as “looking good” I find sugar and this does not sustain the full feeling and energy I will need to get out and play. So I plan and choose options that are filling without the sugar and carbs and keep my intake to align with my forecast.

1. Understanding the nutrients: Starting my new eating habits for losing weight included reading a lot about the nutrients in every food.  Finding foods with the most bang for my buck: Lower carb with the most nutrients. Keeping my carbs around 35 grams a day during weight loss gave the boost to complete a diet transformation. I started over with carbs, quit them (35 grams/day) for about 4 to 6 months and started over slowly reading all the labels on the back of my foods and downloading apps to check what the nutrients in my fresh foods were.

Starting the day with the right foods is important to any healthy eating plan. For shedding pounds I would start my day with eggs and canadian bacon. Yummy satisfying and full of protein. If you get tired of eggs and bacon you can switch it out for lean proteins with fewer carbs and sugar. I love greek yogurt every morning as well, I chose a low sugar variety.

2. Eat your first meal later: if you plan on a bit of exercise in the morning hours, I would suggest eating your first meal of the day later in the morning. Note what time you eat the last meal of the day and space the first meal of the next day to a 16 hr interval from then. This way you can try the addition of intermittent fasting that also promotes weight loss very effectively. Basically if you ate your last meal of the night before at 7pm your first meal of the next day would be 11 am. Some might skip breakfast all together and go for a protein packed lunch instead.

3. Grazing: This is thought to be another way to keep your body in motion without fasting that helps by eating more frequently. Choose foods within the low carb and high protein realm. I found this works if you do not eat a lot at one sitting. Eating every couple of hours small portions (grazing). This is also effective at helping the cortisol as well as glucose stay a bit more even. This worked well for me when I was following a very low carb diet in the beginning. I felt hungry with the very little carbs I was consuming, so grazing helped with this.

4. Swapping Foods: This is an important tip as it made it easier for me to incorporate foods that were better for me into my favorite meals. I love to cook and swapping pasta for veggies and similar swapping made it easier to cook for my family while sticking to my plan for weight loss. Same meal without the high carbs and fewer calories all together.

5. Drinks: Most drinks are loaded with sugars if bought off the shelf. I like mung fruit sweetener for infused teas that I make at home. Stevia is also a good one but does leave a bit of a bitter aftertaste sometimes in drinks. I find using Stevia for baking is a great swap for sugar though.

6. Double Carbs: My uncle explained a very important concept to me when I   started this journey to lose weight that I had not thought about before. He had lost weight to cure some health issues and told me that the way most of us think about our meal plate is not correct. We are taught that a starch and a vegetable are two separate items and well-rounded plate will have both along with your protein. Both of these foods contain

Uros Prodanovic

sugars and natural carbs. Starch turns into sugars in our body and so will the vegetable. Basically you are doubling up your carb intake at every meal for this simple belief. I then doubled the veg of my meals while losing weight and skipped the starch all together. This saved my carb intake for the foods that matter nutrient wise anyway…after losing the bulk of my weight I eat a lot of fruit and while dieting a lot of veggies.

Burning Fat All Day

Get moving… I guess the first step to losing weight is to stay as active as you are able. The following are my tips to lose weight quickly. They worked quite effectively to see results for motivation. I say this is for motivation as keeping weight off is not a quick program run through but a life long change of some habits and does take some time to develop.

For most of us sitting at a desk all day, this is not an easy thing to accomplish. I did wear an activity tracker for a long time that had activity reminders, but at the end of the day you have to ingnore them so many times that it becomes less important the longer you get into the habit of not paying attention to this reminder they become less effective.

The real way I did find worked was to schedule my activity like an appointment. So I would make an effort every morning and afternoon that I would keep. Every morning whether I was at the office and walking around the building or if I was at home on my elliptical I would keep my appointment. After it becomes habit, the routine is easier to stick to. No need for a gym, just move more… make an aerobic exercise out of cleaning the house or dance while you cook or turn some music on and rock out. Gardening and a walk around the park. However you want to do it… go do it. Make it an appointment for something you like! Don’t keep telling yourself that you do not have time. You will never make time if you do not schedule it and make it happen. Choose an activity you like and do it daily.

Another tip from my uncle: When I was very heavy and not able to do an exercise routine, he suggested to get my muscles burning at night before I went to bed. I started with 20 crunches and 20 leg lifts on each side every night. This was amazing effective and I started to see the pounds drop by adding this simple nightly routine.


There are many supplements on the market and many do not work the way they claim. I really like tea… green tea, black tea, or whatever you like to drink since it has no sugar. I find supplementing my energy level with vitamins and minirals is always the best support for me. I also enjoy my coffee and caffeine.  Garcinia Cambosia along with a green tea supplement was effective at platue points along with pre-work out drinks that gave me a boost when I wanted to really get some exercise on. Supplementing my meals did not work for me as well.  Making my own smoothies worked out well and taste wonderful! The only problem I found with the smoothie is I want to add high sugar fruits, and while this is ok after you lose the bulk of the weight, it may not be as effective during the dieting phase.  The convenient protein drinks in the carton usually gave me a stomach ache. I did find one I liked that had 10 grams of protein but the 15 grams and higher did not agree with my stomach. I chose a protein powder that I could incorporate into my meals instead and this worked much better for me. They can be used in so many ways… substituting for dry ingredients like flour in baking recipes or just making a low sugar smoothie.

Better Eating Weight Loss

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Unlike bees who only have an available food source for a season then store this food for the winter; most people have a local grocery store. Fat storage is a good thing, unless you are able to find food on a regular basis. Once I lost the bulk of my weight I started to incorporate carbs and sugar back into my diet slowly.  Knowing which carbs or starches cause you to gain weight you are able to map your new way of eating for your body. This is important to keeping weight off. If you notice a pasta meal every other day starts the scale moving in the other direction move back to once or keep substituting a veg option instead. Maybe you notice the bread on a sandwich is not the right choice try another option. Personally the right carbs for my body tend to be high fiber, whole grains, nuts and seeds. I love fruit and eat my fruit and veggies daily. Perhaps you are not a fruit eater in general, try adding fruits to savory dishes instead.

In A Nutshell

Since everyone is different you really need to experiment with what works with your body. Are your eating habits and your personal thinking the roadblock that may be keeping you from shedding those pounds?

  • Plan your eating according to the days activity forecast
  • Get moving and make an appointment with yourself to keep it daily
  • Supplement your energy levels for support to keep active
  • Find the foods that work with your body for life


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  1. Really good article. I can relate about the day planning, and having my meals organized. My biggest challenge now is adding enough protein to my diet, since I’ve transitioned to a vegan. Hopefully you’ll have something about it soon. Really enjoyed reading the post.

    • Hello Maya, Thank you for the comment! I do not have much experience with a Vegan diet, however I have tried quite a few protein powders and did enjoy some of those products very much. Mainly pea proteins. I enjoy the pea protein cold the best as prepared in a smoothie. I will get an article going on the subject and let you know what I find. If you like whole foods, Pumpkin seeds, cantaloupe seeds and beans are some of my very favorite proteins and a good hummus goes a long way for snacking! 🙂 Wishing you the best of Joy and Happiness!

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