What IS the best diet for weight loss? Sustainable

After searching the internet and asking around you may be wondering at this point: What IS the best diet for weight loss? Is it something that I read about? Will it work for me? Do I have to take a fancy quiz to find out what kind of body I have? The answer is different for everyone. However knowing what is sustainable for you will help you get to the answer.

The Magical Answer

So picture a magic eight ball for a moment and the types of answers it gives: Maybe, sometimes, all the time, never and the like. Everyone has questions about a diet they want to look into trying and ultimately they end up quitting it, getting bored and not understanding they are not able to sustain the diet because of their own eating habits. You can change so many things on a diet but the fact that I love chocolate will never change, just the way I eat it will. Start by understanding what you are willing to do to lose weight and the health goals you are looking to achieve with your new diet. This will help answer the questions.

Quick Weight Loss Fad Diets

Fad diets that do not want you to eat certain foods are far too restrictive for me so I stay away from them, unless I know I will only be following it for a short time. I do not make it a lifelong eating plan since I know it will not be sustainable in the long run. Some quick weight loss for a short term diet plan work to get the initial weight down and then you can focus on the long term eating habits you want. If you map it out it is easier to sustain long term.

Plan The Diet Path

If you do want to try a quick diet to lose weight quickly and then handle the long term eating after the fact, I don’t blame you! This was what I did as well! So, I took the low carb approach and there are many plans out in mainstream that you can check out to see if any of them are something you can stick to for 3 to 6 months or maybe even longer depending on your goals. So with that being said, you should also look at the long term eating habits you will want your eating to look like at the end of the short term diet. If you want to give up carbs for life? If you will incorporate exercise to get your muscles in shape to give your body support to burn more calories during the day. If you keep the long term goals in mind while you lose the weight, it may help keep you motivated as it did for me.

Be prepared to make very large changes to your eating at least for the short term large weight loss portion of your plan. Personally cutting carbs to under 35 grams for 3 – 6 months and some low impact cardio exercise took the bulk of my weight off. I have to say these months were the hardest and mentally challenging times during my diet and felt very hungry. I remember one day sitting at the table with cold cuts and lettuce and I think I must have eaten a whole head of lettuce by the time I felt satisfied. Then I told myself “We can do this, Good Job! Keep it up!”

Don’t be afraid to experiment, discovery is critical to figuring out what will be the most enjoyable way to eat for the rest of your life. If you love veggies, get exploring them. There are so many varieties it makes it hard for me to pick sometimes what ones I want to eat! Veggies should be a key point of any diet you pick however. These vitamin packed superstars of the diet is the weight loss best friend since I can not live on protein alone.

If you love carbs (like I do) find the right times you can eat them and a good substitution when your daily forecast does not show a lot of activity or opportunity to burn them off can be very effective.


This picture above represents one of MY motivations, not only to keep my weight off but to stay fit as well. It is the first beach I was able to play a game of tag with my daughter on where I had the ability to run at full speed. I ran and laughed and discovered how fast my daughter was. Just a year prior she would not have been able to out run me, but she had caught up and one of the longest games of tag I had every played was the beautiful result. Incredible!

What are your goals! Make a list of them and use them as your motivation. Do you want to fit in a certain size? Do you want to be able to play a game of tag with your children? Do you want to teach your kids the right ways to eat? Go for a jog? Walk on the beach in the sand? Have more energy to spend on the activities that make you happy? Get the motivation you need that will help you through the toughest parts and then plan the life you want to have!

The Right Diet Plan for YOU

Know yourself and then find a plan that you can stick to for weight loss. If you are not a cook, maybe the right plan will look more like a prepared food kit that is delivered to you. If you want to cook some meals but need the recopies maybe a meal planner style will be right. If you like to cook and are creative with you meals, maybe just guidelines to getting the right foods in your diet is what will work.

Find the answer inside you, only you know your body and mind. Get on a plan, even if it is your own plan that you took some key factors from diets to get it done. You can make it up as you go and the only person you will need to answer to is YOURSELF. The best way to learn is by making mistakes so don’t worry about making them. Forgive yourself and be loving to the person looking back at you in the mirror, they will be the same person that you look at for the rest of your life. Reassure yourself that this is one phase in your long life and the healthier more dominate side of you will be showing up soon. Self-talk and your thoughts directly impact your actions and confidence. The more confident you are in your actions to change this part of your life the easier it may be to complete it.

KNOW you are very capable of doing this for your happiness and take the bull by the horns!

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    • Thank you Ali! I do write my own experiences and articles. Thank you for sharing this and value your great feedback. Wishing you the best of Joy and Happiness. Tammy


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